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The contents of hygienic protocols for Exhibition Organizers have been institutionalized
The meeting to negotiate the hygienic protocols for Exhibition industry was held at Iran International exhibition center.
 13:59 - 15/07/2020 - Comments : 0More >>
The 12th Door , Window ,and facades event started Today
The 12th Door, Window and facades event started today morning in the Iran International exhibition Center .Per as the public relations of Iran International exhibitions , Mr. Nikzad , Ph.d.- the deputy speaker of parliament ( Islamic consultative Majlis ) and Mr.Hossseinzade Ph.d. -the CEO and the chairman of the board for Iran International Exhibition Co.were present in the opening Ceremony.
 16:24 - 2/07/2020 - Comments : 0More >>
The exhibition of the production leap and the achievements in confronting Coronavirus has kicked off
The exhibition of the production leap and the achievements in confronting coronavirus started today afternoon with the presence of 150 local and knowledge based companies in Tehran fair complex.
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The CEO of Iran International Exhibition Co. Said “
upon the follow-ups conducted by the ministry of industry ,mine and trade , the Corona support package is being offered to exhibition industry as well
Mr.Hossein Zade announced that a support package will be offered to the exhibition industry and those involved by the government.
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Hygienic protocol submitted to run exhibitions
The CEO of Iran International Exhibition Co. said the Hygienic protocol and instructions specialized for exhibitions have been approved and handed out .
 16:37 - 30/05/2020 - Comments : 0More >>
The presence of Iranian Companies in China International Import Expo 2020
The CEO of International Exhibition talked about the presence of Iranian Companies in China International import Expo 2020.
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the health protocols of reopening the exhibitions will be announced very shortly
The first policy council meeting of exhibition was held in Tehran International Exhibition center directed by Mr.Bahman Hossein Zade the CEO and the Chairman of the board with the presence of the senior directors of Iran International Exhibition Co. and the representatives of Iran Exhibition organizations.
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Fighting against the Corona virus outbreak
The Exhibitions are being held virtually
Iran International exhibitions Co. has announced to upload the information of approximately 20 thousands Local producers in virtual space for the first time to fight against the Corona Virus outbreak .
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Mr.Ehsani has been assigned as the director of domestic fairs
Mr.Abbas Ehsani has been assigned by the CEO of Iran International exhibitions Co. As the director of domestic fairs.
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Inauguration of three international exhibitions in Tehran International Permanent Fairground
Three international exhibitions were opened in Tehran International Permanent Fairground by the participation of officials and relevant authorities and also the enthusiastic of each part on Sunday 12th February 2020.
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