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نمایشگاه جمهوری اسلامی ایران

Organizational Values

Manifesto of Organizational Values

By realization that fundamental credits and truths which any organizations shall respect and shall be sensitive toward constitute organizational innate values and are emphatic on the principles that individually and socially are in the prestige of Islamic republic of Iran, international exhibitions company has acknowledged the following basic axioms as the manifesto of the organization values:

  1. Excellent services in the favor of customers seeking.
  2. Seeking participation and creating the culture of team working.
  3. Orderliness and law seeking
  4. Attending to human rights and dignities.
  5. Seeking organizational knowledge and learning.
  6. Seeking eligible employees .
  7. Faithful toward responsibilities and undertakings.
  8. Transparency and expedition in organizational operations .
  9. Focusing on efficiency and effectiveness for achieving to optimal productivity .