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نمایشگاه جمهوری اسلامی ایران

Strategic Objectives

Making every effort to promote the special knowledge of exhibition industry activists and let them participate effectively in exhibitions, also providing mechanisms that make efficient the exhibition activities .

Increasing technical abilities and making more effective the presence of participant in artificial exhibition spaces and utilizing the modern means of communication and creating adequate infrastructure for Electronic Commerce .

Acting in accordance with market priorities of countries of destination and programming for more effective presence in international, professional and expertise exhibitions, also helping to hold exhibitions in such markets .

Developing exhibition activities by taking advantage of capacities and major achievements in foreign diplomacy and international relations; Cooperating with Trade Promotion Organization of Iran (TPOI), and with the Iranian Chamber of Trade, Industry, Mine and Agriculture, in order to make a strong formation in fields of exhibition, also reinforcing exportation and expertise entities that include dominant exporters, all by means of creating a club of exporters and businessmen in the permanent place of International Exhibitions of the Islamic Republic of Iran .

Planning common programs with the private sector and with the Iranian Trade Promotion Organization in order to produce and export special and advantageous articles of Iran, also making permanent the presentation of competitive goods in a predominant manner in International Exhibitions of the Islamic Republic of Iran .