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The 84th meeting of Iran Expo Committee was held with the aim of better cooperation by the mining industry and the Iranology Foundation

The 84th meeting of Iran Expo Committee was held with the presence of the board members, deputies and managers of the Islamic Republic of Iran International Exhibitions Company and also members of the Iran Expo Committee and also the officials of Iran Mining House (Mr. Bahraman and Ms. Rokni) and the Iranology Foundation (Mr. Forouzan and Mr. Shafi) in order to review the content program of the Mining House and the proposals which were sent by the Iranology Foundation, in the Isfahan Hall at the Tehran International Permanent Fairground.

According to the reporting by the Public Relations and International Affairs of the I.R.IRAN International Exhibitions Company, at the beginning of this meeting, the officials of the Iran Mining House presented a report about the content program on the dedicated space and they provided their views on matters related to this institution too.

It is noteworthy, it was decided in this meeting that due to the importance of holding an exhibition of mining capabilities and capacities of our country during the expo, preferably simultaneously with the Dubai-UAE Mining Exhibition at the Dubai Iranian Club and announcing the readiness of Iran Mining House; The draft contract for holding an exhibition of capabilities and production capacities - investment of mining industries during the expo must be prepared by the Deputy of Exhibition Affairs and send to the Mining House of Iran to provide the necessary arrangements for continued cooperation.

It was also decided that the interior design dedicated to the Iran Mining House with the content program such as: showing the existence of rich mineral resources, exploration, extraction and investment in this field must be fully included in the content program and presented to the Expo Committee for the final decision and the Technology and Innovation Committee of the Expo Committee will prepared a joint meeting about the topics and virtual programs of Iran Mining House so, in this content program, the message of Iran is a leading mining country in the world with readiness to invest directly in this field should be put on the agenda and be presented to the audience indirectly, popularly and understandably for all sections of the visitor.

In another part of this meeting with the presence of representatives of the Iranology Foundation, explanations regarding the preparation of a comprehensive portal and application of Iranology, printing and distribution of books and digital content, preparation of promotional gifts, holding news events about the Iranology theme, holding Iranology events, introduction Traditional ethnic and national rituals, introduction of the high position of Iranian women in the meetings of the committee were approved and it was decided to prepare and send proposals, content and operational programs with the approach of creating an attitude and inducing attention and focus on ineffective and minimizing the issue of Iranophobia.

It is worth mentioning that, according to the request by this foundation, it was decided that it is possible to transfer the restaurant, pantry and commercial space to the Iranology Foundation if it is legally formalized, and if the foundation is ready, the necessary follow-ups will be done in this regard.

* Translated by: A.R Shafie

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